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Midnights with the Mystic
A series of intimate conversations with a wise guru is a compelling idea. How many times have each of us wished for answers to life's deep questions? In Midnights with the Mystic, Cheryl Simone relates her personal experience of learning at the feet of Sadhguru Vasudev, India's most sought-after mystic.

Isha Shoppe
Isha's very own online store - Isha Shoppe is open! Now, from the comfort of your own home (or office) you can select from over 200 Isha made products. We are currently only shipping within India, but have plans for international shipping in the coming year.

Isha Shoppe Features: 
  • Isha Publications - Sadhguru's wisdom through books, CDs, DVDs, audio casettes. In English, Tamil and other languages.
  • Isha Crafts - Woodwork, bags, stone carvings, natural fiber baskets, trays, metalwork and more
  • Isha Raiment - Our very own line of organic fiber clothes. T-shirts, tops and pants for both ladies and gents.

Dedicated to Sadhguru's life and work - with exclusive photographs, articles and excerpts of discourses specially selected from Isha archives, this site offers deeper insights into the life and wisdom of this master, mystic and yogi with a difference.

Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple
A dream of many enlightened beings - Dhyanalinga is a powerful space specially consecrated by Sadhguru to offer the highest possibility of the divine to one and all. The site offers an in-depth look at the making of this unique Yogic Temple.

Action for Rural Rejuvenation
A pioneering rural revitalization program offering free medical care and community rehabilitation. Through Mobile Medical Units, agricultural support services for farmers, an AIDS Awareness program, yoga training, and the revival of indigenous sports, herbal gardens and local health remedies, the project touches more than 3000 destitute villages in rural southern India so far. This site showcases Isha’s commitment to the rural Indian sector at all levels.

Project GreenHands
Project GreenHands (PGH), with the support of over a million volunteers, has planted 7.1 million indigenous trees in Tamil Nadu, South India within the last 4 years. Drawing extensively on community participation, the Project aims to plant 114 million trees in Tamil Nadu - providing an additional 10% to the existing tree coverage in the State. PGH is a direct response to increasing desertification due to over-industrialized farming, increasing climatic instability due to climate change, and the desperate living conditions of a poor and marginalized rural population. It offers the world a template for a pragmatic, targeted and workable solution to a complex set of issues.

Isha Vidhya
A pioneering English medium, computer-based education initiative to establish 206 new village schools in rural southern India by 2014. This will equip thousands of severely disadvantaged rural youth for skilled work opportunities in India’s booming economy.

Isha Home School
Aiming to provide quality education in a home-like environment, Isha Home School kindles the innate urge within a child to learn and know, focusing on inculcating life values and living skills rather than exclusively emphasizing academic pursuits. Step into this world full of love, light and laughter.