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Project Green Hands (PGH) is a huge, viral tree planting movement of Isha Foundation that aims to reverse desertification, malnutrition and poverty within Tamil Nadu by mobilizing 100% of the state's population to plant 114 million trees as fast as possible. The uniquely inclusive social strategy enrolls and involves every sector of society to work together towards their shared environmental security and well being.
Businesses and NGO's, military and civil servants, university students and schools children, self help groups, farmers and villagers break down social divides to pitch their energy and resources towards the propagation and planting of millions of saplings together, every year. Launched in 2005 in response to the tsunami, over 2 million people will have enabled 10 million trees to be planted throughout 1,800 communities by the end of 2010.
Trees offer multiple benefits to the rural millions struggling with agricultural debt and the impacts of intensified droughts and floods brought on by climate change. The PGH grass roots, social mobilization strategy is designed to rekindle hope and possibility, pro-activity, environmental responsibility and ultimately levels of self sufficiency that are sustainable and in harmony with living systems.
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Posted on 6-1-2011:

Project Green Hands - Chennai was inaugurated on 2nd January in the Maha Sathsangam organised by Isha Foundation.

Spiritual Guru Jaggi Vasudev’s Isha Yoga programmes apart from the tangible health benefits like improved memory, flexible body and sensible food choices,  also encourages plantation and environment protection projects like planting trees etc.

In this Journey, the Ananda Alai Sathsang, a ‘save trees initiative’ at the YMCA Grounds, Chennai on 2nd of January, 2011 was another milestone.

Actor Surya, Chennai Mayor Subramaniam and director K S Ravikumar were the special guests at the Ananda Alai, and they planted saplings as an initiative to save trees.
Surya, during his speech at the event, urged all those present to plant at least one tree at their homes.

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